Where is Legacy held?

At Quartz Mountain Christian Camp in Love Wolf, Oklahoma (directions & map)

What does registration cover?

Registration costs cover accommodations (RV spot / tent spot / housing in dorms), food, family activities, shirts, and some resources. Optional resources may be available for purchase (prices vary.)

Do grandparents count as part of our family unit, or should they register separately?

For the purpose of this camp, a family unit is parent(s)/kid(s) or grandparent(s)/kid(s). If parents and grandparents are coming, grandparents should register separately.

If we stay at the Quartz Mountain Resort Lodge or other hotel, is the registration cost still the same amount?

Yes. We are still having to cover the expenses for our speakers, paying QMCC to use the facility, and providing three full meals for everyone each day. no matter if you are in a dorm, tent, camper, or choose to stay off-site, the fees to attend are the same.

What should we bring for activities (such as fishing, gun range, sports, etc)?

Equipment for almost all activities will be provided (please being your own fishing gear.) If you would like, you are welcome to bring balls & gloves, etc. Please do not bring guns, bows/arrows, etc.

May we bring pets?

Sorry, no pets are allowed.

Do we need to bring bedding if we’re staying in the dorms?

Yes. Everyone should bring their own bedding. Beds in the dorms are twin-sized bunk-style beds.

In the dorms, do families stay together?

There are a few family rooms available on a first come, first served basis. The main dorms are split into male and female housing with separate bathrooms, but common areas to make it easy for families to interact as needed.